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Fly Flipper Academy may have flexible timing for kids, women, and adults.

Batches Timing

Fly Flipper Academy is the best gymnastic and parkour academy in Delhi. Our Academy has flexible timing for kids, women, and adults. Gymnastics & Parkour is not just for a year but for whole life. Parkour & Gymnastics is known to not only improve physical aspects associated with sport but also enhance many aspects used in everyday life. Benefits include flexibility, coordination, body awareness, physical strength, balance, self-motivation, discipline, cognitive learning, social skills, and work ethic. 

Morning Batches

8:00 A.M To 9:30 A.M
9:3O A.M To 11:00 A.M
11:00 A.M To 12:30 P.M
Fly Flipper Academy offer morning batches that are designed to kickstart your day with energy, agility, and a sense of adventure.
Flyflipper Academy offers a range of evening batch timings to suit your needs.

Afternoon Batches

4:00 P.M To 7:00 P.M (Adults + Advance Kids)
6:00 P.M To 7:00 P.M (Kids Classes)
7:00 P.M To 8:30 P.M (Adult Classes)